U2 Knee™ System

U2 Knee AiO


The compact, new All-in-One Block enables surgeons to precisely and confidently perform several critical preparatory steps prior to affixing the U2 Knee prosthesis.

Key Features

  • Supports both anterior and posterior referencing
  • Permits external rotation adjustments from 3� to 7�
  • Facilitates high-precision sizing and cuts for all 13 of UOC�s femoral components
  • Ultra-fine A/P adjustment anywhere from -2mm to +2mm promotes component positioning accuracy

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How To Use The U2™ Knee AiO Block

Determine AiO Size AiO External Rotation AiO Fine Tune

Reduce table clutter, mitagate infection risk.

When used together, the U2™ Knee All-in-One Block and Modular Dispoable Trial can reduce instrument tray count from 6 to 1.5