UTF Stem, reduced™

UTF Reduced Stem System


With eleven proximal widths, two offset options and a curved distal tip, the UTF Stem Reduced™ Hip Implant facilitates optimal placement and fit in femora of varying disphyseal and metaphyseal widths. Optimized neck geometry contributes to increased range of motion and decreased cup-neck impingement, while the plasma spray coating helps encourage biological fixation.

Includes: Cementless femoral stem implant™ with plasma spray coating

The UTF Stem Reduced™ Hip Implant and instruments are designed and manufactured exclusively by United Orthopedic Corporation.

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Designed for cementless use, UTF Stem Reduced™ Hip Implant offers reduced distal M/L width helps avoid disphyseal engagement, while preserving more of the disphyseal cortex. The feature also helps prevent intraoperative over-broaching and reduces the potential for femoral fracturing. Other notable design features include:

  • Designed for proximal fit—fits different metaphyseal width.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • High-offset stem option—lateralizes femur to help tighten abductor and enhance joint stability.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • Curved distal lateral tip—helps expedite desired placement and implantation.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • Optimized neck geometry—advances range of motion and reduces the opportunity for cup-neck impingement.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • Rectangular cross-section—contributes to rotational stability.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • Dual taper design—bony compaction and optimal fit.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • Ti plasma spray coating —enhances biological fixation.

Prosthetic Materials and Design

Ti-6Al-4V alloy with Ti plasma spray

System Components

Thoughtful, surgeon-friendly instrument design saves operation time under anesthesia by making instrument identification and access quick and easy.

Essential components of the UTF Stem Reduced™ Hip System include:

  • Quick connect holder to facilitate initial stem insertion.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • Neck trial with locking C-rim to simplify device assembly.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • Smooth-tip broach that directs broach alignment and prevents femoral fracture.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • Available start broach to initiate proper canal opening.
    UTF Reduced Stem System
  • Available MIS instruments (Minimally Invasive Surgery) instruments include dual offset broach handle for a smoother anterior approach.
    UTF Reduced Stem System

Designed for cementless use, the UTF Stem Reduced™ Hip Implant is indicated for use in total hip replacement or bipolar hip replacement undergoing primary and revision surgery for the following conditions:

  • Non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, ankylosis, protrusion acetabuli, and painful hip dysplasia.
  • Inflammatory degenerative joint disease such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Correction of functional deformity.
  • Treatment of non-union, femoral neck fracture and trochanteric fractures of the proximal femur with head involvement, unmanageable using other techniques.
  • Revision procedures where other treatments or devices have failed.