U2™ Matrix Porous Stem

U2™ Matrix Porous Stem


The U2™ Matrix porous stem is designed to enhance stability through the tri-wedge geometry and proximal porous coating while reducing stress shielding via the polished teardrop distal end. By applying the matrix concept of size distribution, proximal stem sizes have multiple corresponding distal stems to obtain the ideal geometric fit in both metaphyseal and diaphyseal areas.

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The U2™ Matrix Porous Stem is a fit and fill primary hip prosthesis with porous coating circumferentially and a matrix design that promotes initial stability and fixation of the implant. Key design features include:

  • 1 12/14 Morse taper — compatible with CoCrMo metal head and BIOLOX®delta ceramic head.

  • 2 Tri-wedge design — the U2 hip stem has tri-wedge geometry design in proximal side which can make
    the proximal stress transmit more easier to the medial-proximal side of the femur to prevent the stress
    shielding effect1. Furthermore, the tri-wedge design provides rotational stability and
    limits stem subsidence2-4.

  • 3 Proximal porous coating — circumferential coating of sintered Ti beads and optimally sized
    pores provide better proximal fixation and uniform bony ingrowth5

  • 4 Polished fluted distal — reduces stem stiffness and prevents proximal stress shielding

  • 5 Teardrop tip — allows easy insertion and minimizes cortical impingement

  • 6 Matrix design — addresses both proximal and distal canal fit and fill in order to facilitate
    load transfer and achieve excellent initial stability6


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