U2™ Cemented Stem

U2™ Cemented Stem


With collar and tri- tapered design, the U2™ Cemented Stem prevents stem subsidence and enhances rotational stability. The stem is manufactured from forged cobalt chrome alloy to provide strong fatigue strength. The spacers and centralizer are intended to maintain a uniform cement mantle and to improve stem alignment.

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The U2™ cemented stem is intended for cement fixation within the prepared femoral canals of patients requiring cemented hip arthroplasty. The collar and tri-tapered designs were created to prevent the stem subsidence and enhance the stability of the implant. Other notable design features include:

  • 1 12/14 Morse taperoptimized 12/14 taper accepts a wide variety of femoral heads

  • 2 Collar design — prevents sinking and increases the stability of implant

  • 3 Shark-fin design — pressurizes cement during stem implantation

  • 4 CoCrMo forged stem — high mechanical strength and fatigue resistance

  • 5 Distal centralizer — equalizes cement mantle and ensures correct stem positioning

  • 6 Tri-tapered design — enhances rotational stability and prevents stem sinking

  • 7 2 mm PMMA spacer — maintains the minimum cement thickness for better stress
    distribution of cement and reduces the cement stress crack caused by air cavity