Hip Systems


Bipolar II™

United Orthopedic’s single-piece, ISO-7206-2-compliant Bipolar II™ Hip System assembly features a highly polished metallic cap that reduces friction and wear, enhances range of motion and extends implant life.

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U-Motion II™ System

The newly enhanced U-Motion II™ Acetabular System improves upon a previously proven design, offering more flexible coupling options that reduce risks of dislocation and improve the head-to-neck ratio to help prevent impingement.

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UTF Stem, reduced™

With eleven proximal widths, two offset options and a curved distal tip, the UTF Stem Reduced™ Hip Implant facilitates optimal placement and fit in femora of varying disphyseal and metaphyseal widths.

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U2 Revision Hip Stem™

Made from durable, forged-titanium alloy and spray-coated with biocompatible titanium plasma, the U2 Revision Hip Stem™ offers high fatigue strength, low elastic modulus and excellent bone-ingrowth potential.

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