Antioxidant Vitamin E provides long-term oxidative protection by stabilizing the free radicals. United E-XPE™ minimizes the potentials of in vivo oxidation. It also enhances both wear resistance and mechanical properties without having to compromise the polyethylene through the process of re-melting.

  • High oxidation resistance
  • High aging resistance
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent mechanical properties

The new generation of highly cross-linked polyethylene blended with vitamin E to enhance wear resistance without compromising oxidative stability and mechanical properties.

  • Mitigate Oxidation Risk

    Testing on the U2™ Knee with E-XPE™Insert shows blended Vitamin E helps to prevent in vivo oxidation and subsequent degradation.1

    Mitigate Oxidation Risk
  • Proven Wear Resistance

    Accelerated aging tests illustrate that the E-XPE™ insert and liner exhibited a 60% and 75% reduction, respectively, in gravimetric wear.

    Proven Wear Resistance
  • Unparalleled Mechanical Properties

    Mechanical testing demonstrates that the U2™ Knee with E-XPE™ insert maintains and may even improve strength.2

    Unparalleled Mechanical Properties


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