Core Values

Our Core Values

The tenets and principles that guide United Orthopedic Corporation

Every company needs an ethical ‘compass’—a list of foundational principles that guide and inform how the business conducts itself—both in the marketplace and with employees, suppliers and partners. Since 1993, United Orthopedic’s compass has been our Core Values. Think of them not as high-sounding words on a web page. But rather as promises we strive to fulfill in every aspect of our operation.


We are honest, open and forthright in our actions. We sincerely value trust and accountability, and honor our commitments. We make good on promises, even when it’s inconvenient, and even amidst the pressures of conflicting priorities and market uncertainty.


We take the initiative in all tasks, and selflessly assist others whenever possible. We eagerly comply with regulations that govern the world’s healthcare systems. We endeavor to be environmentally responsible, and to implement policies that support the practical, prudent use of resources.


We enthusiastically embrace change and are driven by ideas that improve the welfare of mankind. We create marketable, sustainable value by unlocking employee creativity and resourcefulness—fostering an environment of exploration, encouragement and respect, and empowering imagination in every business unit.


We believe that success comes from happiness. So we seek to enjoy life with pure hearts, open minds and honorable motives. We continually look for opportunities to compliment and reassure others, and to inspire a universal sense of joy, contentment and community.